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My favorite things about winter

I have always considered myself as a summer child but I also really enjoy winter. And the absolut best thing about winter has to be snow. I love snow!
I grew up in Finland in a city called "Kuopio". There was always a lot of snow during the winters when I was a child so I feel like something is truly missing if there is no snow in sight.

My current hometown is not known about especially snowy winters but we got the first snow here yesterday and it hasn't melted away immediately so all good so far. You can imagine how happy I am!

The second thing about winter that comes to my mind is walking outside in the fresh air. Everything looks so peaceful and beautiful. I love home and everything cozy, so coming home after a fresh walk in crispy weather has to be mentioned on the side; warming up in front of a fireplace, lighting up candles and drinking tea under a blanket. Perfect!

The third thing I love about winter is ice-skating! I was in a figure skating team when I was younger …

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